Zoho Analytics update December 2023

From bolstering security measures to fostering real-time insights, Zoho Analytics continues to evolve, empowering businesses to derive richer, more actionable intelligence from their data. Let’s unravel the latest round of improvements in Zoho Analytics update December 2023.

Unlocking deeper insights with advanced analytics for Jotform!

This powerful addition empowers you to delve into the preferences and opinions of your target audience. Gauge satisfaction and engagement rates effortlessly, while pinpointing areas for improvement.

Business benefits of advanced analytics from Jotform

  1. Audience Understanding: Gain profound insights into the preferences and opinions of your targeted audience.
  2. Satisfaction Measurement: Effortlessly measure satisfaction and engagement rates to ensure you’re meeting expectations.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Identify specific areas that require attention and improvement, facilitating an ongoing enhancement strategy.

Take advantage of this update to elevate your analytical capabilities and make informed decisions that drive success!

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Fortify security with workspace-level IP restrictions

In our latest Zoho Analytics update, we’re introducing a crucial enhancement to security—workspace-level IP restrictions. Now, you can add an additional layer of protection by configuring IP restrictions at the workspace level, providing advanced security measures and thwarting unauthorised access.

Business benefits of workspace-level restrictions

  1. Enhanced Security: Bolster the security of your workspace with an added layer, safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access.
  2. Customised Protection: Tailor IP restrictions according to workspace requirements, allowing for a more granular and customised security approach.
  3. Prevent Unauthorised Access: Mitigate the risk of unauthorised access by controlling IP access at the workspace level, ensuring data integrity.

This update empowers you with heightened security control, ensuring a robust defense against potential threats to your workspace.

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Effortless identity and access management with Zoho Directory integration!

In the latest Zoho Analytics update, we’re excited to introduce streamlined integration with Zoho Directory, simplifying identity and user access management. This integration offers administrators a powerful tool to efficiently handle diverse login credentials, elevating online account security to new heights.

Business benefits of identity and access management

  1. Unified Management: With Zoho Directory integration, administrators can centrally manage identity and access across platforms, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive approach.
  2. Enhanced Security: Consolidate user access controls through one tool, fortifying your system against potential security threats and unauthorised access.
  3. Simplified Administration: Ease the burden on administrators by providing a single interface to manage user identities, reducing complexity and enhancing operational efficiency.

This update empowers businesses with a robust solution for identity and access management, fostering a secure online environment with simplified administration processes.

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Zoho Analytics welcomes Denodo databases with Live Connect!

Exciting news for Dendo users! Zoho Analytics has expanded its capabilities by introducing support for live connect with Denodo databases. This significant enhancement brings real-time analysis to the forefront, offering a dynamic and responsive approach to data insights.

Business benefits of Dendo database integration

  1. Instant Decision-Making: With live connect support for Denodo databases, users gain instant access to real-time data, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making.
  2. Up-to-the-Minute Insights: Stay ahead of the curve by accessing the most current data directly from Denodo databases, ensuring that your analytics reflect the latest changes and trends.
  3. Enhanced Data Accuracy: Live connect minimises latency, providing analytics professionals with accurate and up-to-date information, leading to more reliable and trustworthy insights.

This update positions Zoho Analytics as a powerful tool for businesses seeking agile and responsive analytics solutions, fostering a competitive edge through real-time data access and analysis.

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Zoho Cliq integration enhanced with “Share to Cliq” option

We’re thrilled to introduce a game-changing enhancement to the Zoho Analytics – Zoho Cliq integration. Now, with the all-new “Share to Cliq” option, users can effortlessly transmit reports to specific users or Cliq groups within the organisation, supporting various file formats for added flexibility.

Business benefits of collaboration in Zoho Cliq

  1. Seamless Communication: The “Share to Cliq” feature bridges the gap between analytics and communication, fostering seamless collaboration by allowing direct sharing of reports within Cliq.
  2. Efficient Team Collaboration: Teams can now collaborate more efficiently by instantly sharing crucial reports through Cliq, ensuring that all members are on the same page and can contribute effectively.
  3. Flexible Information Exchange: Choose from a variety of file formats to share reports, adapting to different preferences and requirements, making the sharing process not only efficient but also versatile.

This enhancement aligns Zoho Analytics and Zoho Cliq as a cohesive solution, streamlining the flow of information and promoting collaborative analytics for enhanced organizational efficiency.

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New Modules in LinkedIn Ads

Zoho Analytics now supports the below new modules to effectively analyze LinkedIn Ad campaigns.

  • Industry Performance
  • County Performance
  • Job Function Performance
  • Job Title Performance
  • Company size Performance
  • Job seniority Performance
  • Country/Region Performance
  • Location Performance
  • Company Performance

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New APIs

A comprehensive set of new APIs (2.3.0) are now available in various categories to enhance the experience with Zoho Analytics.

Meta data API

Data Modeling

Sharing and Collaboration

In the landscape of data and analytics, Zoho Analytics stands for adaptability and innovation. We hope these updates serve as catalysts for your analytical prowess, offering you sharper tools and smarter integrations. As always, we look forward to your feedback, knowing that it propels us towards even greater heights. Until next month’s insights, may your analytics be insightful, and your decisions, data-driven.

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