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Our approach to customer service software is simple: when your customers are happy, we’re happy. That’s why we’ve partnered with Zoho, the world-leading software provider, whose Zoho Desk solution places customer service at the heart of your company.

At Goldstar, we relish the opportunity to get to know your business, your processes – and of course, your people. When it comes to delivering the greatest possible customer experience, we’re as dedicated as you are.

Here’s what outstanding customer service software can do for your business

Unified multichannel communication. Collate all tickets and communications from all channels, including email, social, live chat, web forms and telecoms. Respond from a single interface.

A.II.-powered self-service. Customers can speak to Zia, Zoho’s unique, context-driven, AI-powered assistant and get instant answers from your knowledge base.

Branded help centre. Create your very own brand portal that mimics the look and feel of your website.

Agent prioritisation. Automatically organise customer service tickets based on priority, due time, purchase status or CRM status.

Boost your team’s productivity. Design entire workflows for sales and support processes with ease, thanks to Zoho’s drag-and-drop Blueprint Creator. Use the Advanced Response Editor to rapidly create answers for customer queries and automate simply replies to simple questions.

Track performance. Monitor time spent by agents on customer tickets and tasks.

Ongoing optimisation. Get detailed reports to better understand customer service team performance and customer concerns. Create custom reports with ease.


Goldstar: Helping deliver the service your customers deserve

Zoho Authorised Partners. Data from right across your organisation can and should inform your customer service strategy. With expertise in all aspects of Zoho’s powerful software suite – including CRM, Analytics, Books and Zoho One, Goldstar is uniquely placed to deliver the big picture on your business.

Hassle-free implementation. Ensuring data hygiene and integration with all existing systems, take advantage of Goldstar’s expertise to deliver the smoothest possible customer service software implementation.

Full support. From help with constructing workflow blueprints through to showing sales staff the ropes, we can’t wait to get to work – and get your sales teams up and running.

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