Zoho Marketing Automation: The all-in-one automated lead capture and conversion tool

When you take a look at Zoho CRM Plus or Zoho One for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming. Without a doubt, they’re both brilliant tools and cover just about everything you could ever wish for. But, without the experience of operating such inclusive CRM tools, plenty of users feel overwhelmed by the size of what’s on the table, wondering where on earth they should start.

Zoho breaks down its suites and packages into single app operations. The Zoho Marketing Automation tool is an easier-to-manage system designed for marketing operatives to understand your leads’ behaviours better, how to process them for maximum conversions, and finally, delivering them to your sales team.

Who is Zoho Marketing Automation made for?

The ultimate goal for any business is to make money. We do that by selling more of our product or service to more customers. Filter down the chain a little, and you start to wonder where those customers come from and how you can get more of them.

If that sounds like you, then Zoho Marketing Automation could be your new best friend.

Channelling your web, social media, or any other channels’ visitors to your website to deliver new customers is the goal, but there are many different ways to do that. As much as ‘automation’ sounds like some new robot friend does all the work, Zoho Marketing Automation gives the power back to the people. It provides easy-to-apply options that deliver unique automated pathways for every type of lead and customer.

Yes—it speeds things up, takes a lot of the heavy lifting from your people and puts it onto your processes, but it also puts you in complete control. It provides you with the information and the organisation you need to be the most efficient version of your marketing-self you can be.

Take a look at the following list—if it sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then Zoho Marketing Automation is just the tool for you.

  • Identify, track, and analyse web and app visitor behaviours
  • Utilise multichannel touchpoints to push your brand (email, social media, SMS, and more)
  • Organise and customise the way you engage leads
  • Pinpoint your marketing by generating, nurturing, and qualifying leads
  • Filter leads based on interest and engagement
  • Provide a sleeker, smoother conversion cycle for your sales team
  • Scale-up revenue across multiple platforms
  • Measure the individual performance of each marketing campaign
  • Connect services and combine your marketing activities all in one integrated system

How does Zoho Marketing Automation connect your marketing and sales processes?

With Zoho Marketing Automation, your sales team will be able to see precisely how each customer has been converted. They’ll understand how you marketed to them to get them down your sales funnel and how they can use that information to keep them on the hook for all those repeat and enhanced sales.

And here’s how you do it:

  • Setting up Touchpoints to identify the top sources of lead generation
  • Tracking down the platforms and channels that generate the best revenue and ROI
  • Studying the analytics that teaches you about your audience’s behaviour patterns and engagement journey
  • Creating unique content journeys for different lead types
  • Organising, categorising, tagging, and scoring leads based on engagement
  • Maximising marketing practices using newly acquired data

Combining the functions of your marketing and sales practices makes life easier and better educated for both departments. Knowledge is power!

What are the key Zoho Marketing Automation features?

The full features list is as inclusive as you’d ever need it to be to make a real impact on your lead generation and management and the best ways to convert. The following list covers the key features:

  • Lead management
  • Behavioural insights
  • Personalised journeys
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Campaign planner
  • Advanced analytics

Lead management

With Zoho Marketing Automation, you’ll drive more leads by adding sign-up forms and pop-ups to your website, landing pages, and social media posts. With plenty of simplified design and delivery tools, adding those data-driving features is easy.

Zoho helps you understand each lead’s behaviour, whichever Touchpoint they arrive from. Touchpoints show you the URLs of your leads, so you can find out which are your best performers and which ones need more work.

Once you’ve engaged those leads, Zoho helps keep it that way. Building rapport and connecting with your visitors is paramount, so delivering the relevant, personalised, and informative content they’re looking for is a must. Zoho helps you categorise your visitors by putting them into different nurture series according to their interests. They’ll feel more connected and more likely to convert if you talk to them about what they’re already interested in.

To simplify your lead data, Zoho adds tags to leads based on common interests. Its scoring system helps determine which leads can move into the next stage and which need a little more nurturing before they’re ready to move on.

Behavioural insights

Understanding what your visitors do when they land on your website holds all kinds of information you can use to build conversions. For example, by tracking your leads from an email campaign or other Touchpoint, you can follow their behaviour path, seeing which pages they favour, what they download, how long they stay with you, and what they click. All that data helps you to categorise them for a better, custom conversion path.

Not only will Zoho track your leads around your website but also in your apps. And that means even more defined data that you can use to develop context-based suggestions, pushing them toward their ideal product.

Personalised journeys

Zoho Marketing Automation has a superb drag-and-drop builder to create unique marketing plans, and with it, you control everything. From triggers, messaging (via email or SMS), adding and removing tags, AB testing, sending out surveys, to deciding which leads should finally be removed from their journey—and plenty more to boot.

There are pre-designed templates to get moving ASAP, with simple and advanced features depending on your needs. If there isn’t a flow that’s perfect for you, then you’re free to build your own unique journeys. Adding conditions and split logic to a program simplifies decision-making, cutting out the manual work that slows down your day.

Multichannel marketing

Email has one of the highest ROI of all the marketing avenues, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cover all the angles while making the most from it.

Zoho makes email blasts simple; building better relationships with your subscribers by drip-feeding the information they love. However, you’ll also engage with SMS marketing and via building your brand reach over all your social media platforms. Zoho links campaigns over each of your social media accounts while measuring the reach and success of every post and promotion.

Campaign planner

Setting objectives and timelines that include budgets and cost calculations, you get the full lowdown on each strategy’s ROI.

Campaigns cover marketing channels, budgets, tracking options, expected and actual returns, and more. All this data provides the key to understanding your campaign functionality, which options to do more of, and which need more time to achieve the performance you expect from them.

Advanced analytics

Data is everything in marketing and sales. Measuring each step, action, and return means having accurate and inclusive analytics—and that’s exactly what Zoho delivers.

You get to visualise performance, marketing funnels, acquisitions and conversions, all in easy to understand graphical representation.

Lead and website behaviour show how your prospects function and how they arrive at the goals you’ve put in place. Understanding their journey, you can target the same lead-types with targeted marketing, all put together with Zoho’s fabulous range of tools.

What does Zoho Marketing Automation cost?

As with most Zoho products, there are a few ways of paying for it.

You can pay monthly or as a one-off yearly subscription, and there are 2 levels of service. Each one works on your leads/month count—the higher the number of leads/month, the higher the price.

We’ve put together a simple table of example costs to give you a clear all-around idea of what you’re likely to pay for your level of interaction.

Leads/month Standard Plan

Pay monthly

Standard Plan

Pay yearly

Premium Plan

Pay monthly

Premium Plan

Pay yearly

1000 £23/month £18/month £46/month £37/month
2000 £29/month £23/month £54/month £43/month
3000 £34/month £27/month £63/month £50/month
4000 £40/month £32/month £71/month £57/month
5000 £45/month £36/month £78/month £63/month

There are also add-on costs for website visitors (25k–500k, £28–£322) and bulk emails (5k–500k, £4.50–£221), bringing your total to its final price.

Goldstar: Putting you in the driving seat with Zoho Marketing Automation

Here at Goldstar, we want to help you get the very best out of your technology. So our first step is to get to know you and your business, so we know precisely what you need from your packages and make sure you get just that.

Hassle-free implementation. We’ll get you set up the right way—that means a pre-installation consultation, data cleansing and planning. With masses of industry experience, our installations and implementations are seamless and straightforward for everyone.

Full support. We provide all the training you need to make it easy for your people to understand how the Zoho system operates. It doesn’t end there, though; you’ve also got 24-hour support whenever you need it.

We can deliver the full Zoho package. As Zoho Advanced Partners, we have the expertise to deliver anything you need over the complete CRM system, data analytics, and customer service tech.