Getting Back To Work 

So, for many of us it is now time to start getting back to work. Whilst many of us have been working reduced hours during lockdown, the transition back to full steam is upon us. Some may find this a scary and daunting time, exciting time or even a sad time considering some of the freedoms we have somewhat become accustom to during the past couple of months. Even in writing this blog, it was originally going to be a video blog. However, with my post lockdown hairdo and quite frankly dishevelled look at the moment, I thought best to save you all and write it up instead.

The Transition

My transition back into work is a very welcome sight. With more regimented days and the ability to feel I have accomplished something by close of play, it offers me the ability to relax and enjoy my evenings rather than simply relax the whole day which (although great at the start) becomes stagnant and fairly boring after a while.

I have my coffee brewed on my desk, all my applications loaded, and emails checked. The morning video call through Zoho Cliq gives everyone the opportunity to see each other. We have an informal catch up before we plan our jobs for the coming days. Any anxiety’s or worry’s you have about the most simple aspects of your job are gone and the feeling of being pleased to be back with the team even if it is remotely is very much welcome.

Morning cup of coffee


How Does Zoho Make Things Easier?

The range of tools available to us from Zoho means we are all prepared for any challenge we face in the near future and beyond. Being able to work in tandem with other colleagues on the same document/project without the need to worry about data loss or miscommunication is a pivotal weapon in the Zoho arsenal. The fantastic range of knowledge base articles and how-to guides that Zoho provides instantly allows most users to be up to speed with all aspects of the product.

Going Forward

Who knows what will happen next in 2020, or even the next few years? The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves for any eventuality and safeguard our businesses including employees, so that no matter what the world throws at us, we are able to soldier on through and come out the other side just as prosperous as we went in. I urge you to drop us an email and see how we can do this together.

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