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Your business is unique. So sometimes you need unique solutions. If you cannot find the app or integration you need, let Goldstar help you make it. Our team have a great history of making not just unique business solutions but also key, critical elements through custom app development.

Ease of customisation is one of the biggest benefits of Zoho’s award-winning business software. Zoho Creator is key to this: an online app builder that helps you create your own web tools. Whatever the task or process, if there isn’t already an app to help you streamline it, Zoho Creator gives you the ability to bring it into existence.

As Zoho Advanced Partners, Goldstar knows how to get the most out of this powerful app creation tool. If you want us to, we can produce your apps for you from scratch. We can also teach you to go your own way, supplying the training and support you need to create your very own in-house app development capabilities.

What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator seeks to democratise the application production process. There was a time when the creation of organisation-specific technology was confined to businesses with large budgets and specialist development skills. Zoho Creator changes all of this. Here’s how:

Streamline any process. Across sales & marketing, inventory management, customer service, business accounts and more, Zoho Creator lets you put together apps that mirror your preferred ways of working, to automate and streamline your workflows.

Ease of use in the cloud. Develop your entire app using a drag-and-drop interface. Use default scripts instead of coding from scratch. Repurpose workflows you created in other apps.

Make it personal. Create an app dashboard that matches your processes and your branding. Pick panel designs from a gallery of pre-built templates. Overwrite default HTML and CSS on these templates for added customisation.

Stay connected. Launch free iOS and Android native mobile apps for each homegrown app. Customise your settings and access controls. Use corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to launch your mobile apps internally. Make your apps available to customers and other stakeholders.

Full integration. Seamlessly link your custom apps to other Zoho products, such as Books, CRM, Desk and Analytics. Link your data to third-party apps. Transform data from your software into useful insight via in-built reporting tools.

Check out Zoho Marketplace. The exact tool you need may exist already! Browse Zoho’s ready-to-use business apps, designed to automate frequently-encountered, business-specific processes. These cover a wide range of sectors and business models, including b2b sales, franchise arrangements, retail, travel and hospitality.

Goldstar custom app development

Process evaluation. Let our experts put your processes under the spotlight. Our unrivalled knowledge of Zoho’s software suite means we can advise on how pre-existing Zoho tools may help you streamline those processes. We can then highlight any gaps and advise on how best to fill these through the use of custom apps.

End-to-end application development service. We can build your app from scratch, ensuring smooth deployment and seamless integration with your existing architecture.

Flexible support arrangements. We can supply as much or as little technical guidance and hands-on development as you need. For instance, we can build your first Zoho app for you, while ensuring your staff are closely involved in the process. Armed with this knowhow, your people can then repurpose those workflows to create subsequent versions.

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