Zoho Analytics Winter update 2022

Zoho last released updates for Analytics in September and have mades a few changes in the meantime – so here is a quick look at Zoho Analytics Winter update 2022.

Advanced Analytics for Freshdesk

Zoho have released an Advanced Analytics connector for Freshdesk. This helps you monitor and improve your help desk productivity. This means you have a total view showing ticket trends. Additionally you can see a dashboard of key metrics like ticket volume and distribution, response time, resolution time and customer satisfaction rate.

Zoho have gone one step further and as always are offering a great platform to get you started with over 60 help desk specific reports and dashboards to get you underway with your analysis.

Ask Zia straight from Workspace Search

Your business aI has got more useful – you can now Ask Zia straight from the Workspace Search field. This allows you to access Ask Zia easily and get answers faster!

Enhancements for Geo Visualisation

In recent enhancements, Zoho Analytics has added more functionality for geo visualisation, making it easier for users to create interactive maps and visualise data on a geographic scale. This includes support for multiple map layers, customisation options for markers and pop-ups, and the ability to integrate data from various sources, including spreadsheets and databases.

Geo Visualisation now supports the following data types.

  • Imports Latitude & Longitude – Imports Latitude & Longitude data in DMS (Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds) format.

  • Identifies Alpha Codes as Geo Data – Identifies the Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 Codes for Country (US and USA as United States of America) and State (NY as New York) as Geo data.

Enhancements for Tabular View

Zoho Analytics has also made several enhancements to its tabular view capabilities. These enhancements aim to provide users with a more streamlined and intuitive experience when working with data in a tabular format.

Format Tabular View as Table

Zoho enhanced the Tabular View appearance by formatting it as a table. From now, Tabular View will display only rows and columns with data and remove the empty grid cells outside the report.

Support for Relative Period in User Filter

Date based User Filter in Tabular View now supports filtering by Relative period.

Organisation Settings Page Revamped

Zoho have given the user interface of all the Organisational Settings pages a facelift. Organisational Details, Manager Users, Feature Control, etc are all easier to navigate to simplify their use. In addition the settings have been categorised to improve the user experience.

Zoho Analytics is adding new features all the time, these are just a few of the key points from the Zoho Analytics Winter update 2022. Check back with us for updates or better yet, get in touch and we can make sure you are getting the best from your Zoho Analytics solution.

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