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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP Consultancy from Goldstar

At its most fundamental, ERP software brings everything together for a complete view of your business.

With Zoho ERP solutions, key sales and revenue, customer service and financial processes can be tied together with ease. For your business, this means a seamless flow of data across the organisation, streamlined processes and an enhanced ability to budget, predict and plan for the future.

As Zoho Authorised Partners, Goldstar is your natural choice for ERP implementation. Providing infrastructure advice, ensuring data hygiene and supplying full support, our job is to deliver the smoothest possible integration – and to ensure you get the most out of this best-in-class ERP software.

Why do we need ERP?

The organisations we work with tend to share similar goals: namely, fewer walls between departments, improved workflows and the ability to get a clearer view of the business. The right ERP system can deliver in each of these areas.

Smoother transactions. Generate quotes and sales orders and process invoices and payments automatically. Inventory records can be automatically updated based on sales activity.

Enhanced customer service. Integrate shipping and returns information and order tracking. This gives you the ability to provide instant updates to customers on request.

Up to date, on-demand financial reporting. Key documents, including P&L and cashflow reports can be updated automatically based on real-time financial activity from across you organisation.

Improved efficiency. More automation and streamlined processes help to free up your time and resources for more profitable tasks.

Better collaboration. Users can view, share and create data, documents and reports without risk of versioning conflicts. This helps eliminate the risk of discrepancies (e.g. between sales and finance), giving you a single and reliable version of the truth.

Consistent infrastructure. From customer service through to finance, ERP can deliver a common user experience across key business functions. This consistency, coupled with an intuitive user experience can ensure user buy-in and higher tech adoption rates.

Goldstar: Delivering seamless integration

Zoho Authorised Partners. Goldstar is uniquely placed to deliver advice and expertise on all aspects of Zoho’s leading business software suite. For CRM, customer service, accounting and more, we can help you identify the perfect blend of automation and integration to take your business forward.

Implementation and optimisation experts. Whether you are new to Zoho or seeking to upgrade from previous versions, Goldstar is on-hand to ensure a hassle-free implementation.

Full support. From your IT manager, through to ordinary business users, we’re experts at getting your team up-and-running as swiftly as possible.

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