Zoho Analytics – Take ownership of your reporting

We’ll help you take full advantage of Zoho Analytics by getting to know your business, your processes and – of course – your people.

Discover – We’ll run an in-depth discovery session to help you identify all your relevant data sources

Migration & implementation –  We’re experts at ensuring a smooth migration and implementation process.

Support you can count on –  From training on report creation and dashboard configuration to troubleshooting on demand, we offer full training and support geared towards the needs of end-users.

The full package – As Zoho Partners, we have huge expertise in business analysis and finding the right KPIs for your business. We’re not here to sell you software. We’re here to help you build the foundations for better decision making and stronger relationships.


Unify scattered data into meaningful reports for a brighter view of your business.

Business data typically lies scattered in multiple formats and locations – from your CRM and social media platforms through to standalone spreadsheets and beyond. Getting answers you can trust to critical questions can be a huge challenge.

This is where Zoho Analytics can help. It brings together and blends all your vital data from multiple sources. Through easy-to-use reporting and visualisation tools, it transforms that data into reports, charts and dashboards that your people on the ground can put to work. Zoho delivers the answers you can trust.

What are you looking for from Zoho Analytics?

The organisations we work with are looking for answers they can trust. More specifically, they are searching for the following:

The big picture. A single view of the health of the business, incorporating information from across all departments and data sources.

Reports that make sense. The ability to add context, to drill down to the specifics and to visualise the figures in an instantly compelling way: this is what insight should look like.

Accessibility. Data-driven intelligence should be available on demand to the people who matter – without the need for constant IT support.

Identifying the next big opening. From the overlooked market niche to the product offering with the biggest potential, you need the ability to spot trends and unearth opportunities.

Below is just one example of how we can help you. This is a sample report.

Want to see more dashboards and what is possible check out some of Zoho’s examples

Delivering the answers: Zoho Analytics

To stay ahead of the competition, the ability to make quick, data-based decisions has never been more important. Here’s how Zoho Analytics can help:

All your data sources, connected. Use Zoho Analytics to connect all your structured and unstructured data sources from major cloud storage vendors, CRM services, Excel, local files, social platforms and more.

Effortless data blending. Blend data from multiple sources to create cross functional reports and dashboards.

Compelling visual analysis. Make use of a vast variety of charts widgets and tables – or use the simple drag & drop interface to create your own.

Zia AI for instant answers. Utilising artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, with the Zia intelligent assistant you can type in your questions and get instant answers.

Personalise and customise. Combine your most frequently used reports to create insightful dashboards tailored to your specific KPIs. Customise your portal with rich design elements matching your corporate branding.

Powerful, yet user-friendly. Draw on an extensive library of mathematical and statistical functions via the Excel-like easy-to-use formula engine. Extract the business metrics you require from your data.

Stay connected. Collaborate securely online by sharing reports with colleagues while retaining full control over user privileges. Get instant alerts in the event of data outliers or anomalies.

10 out of 10 - I would highly recommend Goldstar to any company wishing to implement an innovative and intuitive CRM system

Jo Phillips-Horn | Supplier & Quality Manager | Kinley