Business Intelligence available from Zoho solutions

The answers are out there. We give you the business intelligence tools to help you find them… 

For keeping an eye on customer expectations, spotting opportunities, identifying vulnerabilities and preparing for new challenges, the data that exists within your organisation is your most valuable asset. It can deliver the insight you need –- providing you have the ability to extract it. This is where Business Intelligence software can help. 


As Zoho Advanced Partners, we know better than most, the difference best-in-class BI software can make to your organisation. It’s our job as business intelligence software consultants to make sure it works for you. 

BI & Analytics: Why you need it 

Zoho Analytics is a powerful, self-service BI and data analytics platform that gives your people the answers they need – in a way that they can put to work. For your business, this means the following: 

Blend data from multiple sources. For structured and unstructured data from right across your business, bring everything together to see a single version of the truth. 

Built for real people. Ordinary business users can interrogate the data with ease, thanks to natural language search query capabilities. Access a bank of pre-prepared reports or create your own in minutes. 

Compelling visualisations. Transform huge amounts of data into actionable charts, graphs and dashboards. Track key metrics, identify trends and unearth hidden information. 

Carry out complex analysis. Suitable both for gaining a company-wide view of performance and for drilling down to product/department analysis. 

Guided forecasting. Ask ‘what if’ questions and use Zoho Analytics to get the answers you can trust. 

Goldstar: BI, analytics and business transformation – we’re with you all the way

Zoho Approved Partners. With experience that spans analytics, customer service, CRM and finance automation, we’re ideally placed to manage your entire digital transformation. 

Expert planning for minimal disruption. Our approach starts with getting to know your business, your existing IT architecture and, of course, your people. All of this helps to ensure the smoothest possible implementation. 

Expert support. Including orientation, customisation, report templating and on-call troubleshooting, our mission is to get your team up and running as swiftly as possible. 

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