Zoho is an interactive Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) that allows businesses of all sizes to work more efficiently with their customers and their team members from the comfort of their desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


We’re really excited about some of the new features that Zoho has introduced this year, so much so that we’ve gone and written this blog so that we can share some of our favourite features with you! In this blog, we specifically focus on: Zia Voice, Translations, Canvas, Analytics and KPI’s, and Data Encryption.


Zia Voice


Zia is the assistant that you can always count on. Offering accurate predictions on your lead or deal closures, ability to read email sentiments, and even alerts you to remind you to chase up prospects. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! It’s all included in the new Zoho 2018 bundle. If you couldn’t already tell, we are really excited about this software! I mean who wouldn’t be? Here is a list of a few more useful features of Zia Voice we just have to mention:


  • Spot the anomalies that hinder your sales
  • Intelligent automation
  • Understand your customers
  • Meet your revenue targets



This new feature allows you to create your own CRM view for your business with the industry’s first of its kind view.  Whether you want a clear coherent colour scheme, or if you would rather add images to identify each lead, the Canvas feature allows you to do just that with ease.


Analytics and KPS’s-


If you like tangible, reliable stats, then you’ll enjoy this new feature! The addition of 5 new analytical widgets to the Zoho dashboard makes tracking your sales metrics and Key Performance Indicators easier than ever! Zoho’s Analytics and KPI analysis feature helps you to stay on top of your monthly sales trends by highlighting anomalies in your sales cycle.


This is ideal for those looking to review their marketing campaign, sales stats etc. Zoho will keep track of your targets and use alerts to notify you if it feels that you are unlikely to meet a goal.



Data Encryption- Keeping your data safe!


Zoho uses one of the strongest encryption standards, AES-256, to encrypt your data. So, what does that actually mean? It means that your data has to be decrypted in order to be read and is completely protected from any outside access.


If you believe that your business could benefit from any of the features mentioned above, then get in touch today to book a Zoho consultation with a member of our team!