Connect your systems to help you run your business.

Our CRM and job management systems not only build and maintain the relationships you have with your customers but also help you develop many other areas of your business while saving you time each and every week.

You are probably already using certain aspects of a CRM without even knowing it! searching your emails for a contact? that’s the very basics of a CRM. But don’t you want all the details you need right at your fingertips?

You are also possibly using CRM marketing in your email mailouts (MailChimp) but where we stand out is being able to tie everything together so you not only know where your leads are coming from, what jobs your team are working on, who needs to be invoiced (and paid) but also how best to serve your customer.

Who could use a CRM?

Whatever industry you are in a CRM will benefit your team, your customers, and your suppliers.

Examples could be a hairdresser reminding customers that an appointment is due or a large company monitoring the success of marketing campaign.

Talk to us to find out how Goldstar IT can help.

Helping you move away from Excel Spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel is an excellent piece of software although it’s difficult to beat automation, auto reports and the ability to view the information anywhere on any device.

Goldstar IT have been working with businesses to help them develop their CRM or job management systems for many years. This starts with a site visit where we can discuss the key areas of your business, what you need help with and how you are working with your current systems, your customers and get a better fell for your culture within the business before we produce a report showing not just our recommendations but also the amount of time we can save you.

Of course, it’s not all about time. CRM stands for Customer relationship Mangement and with your customers being the focus of your business (without customers, you don’t have a business!) why not use the systems to ensure you are providing the best possible customer service.

You may still be in the position of not knowing how a CRM system can help and benefit you. Or perhaps you know you need a CRM system but not sure which one is best? Whatever your situation is we can help.

The first stage in implementing any CRM is our free site visit where we will discuss with you what we can do for you.

This allows us to discover what systems you are currently using, how your business runs and what benefits you would gain from using a CRM system.

During this phase, we will evaluate the needs of the business and look at the different CRM systems that will provide the greatest benefit to your business.

Working with you to implement the new system, training you and your staff and ensuring we are here to answer any questions or provide support to you and your team.

We never just disappear after installing a system. We will work with you to evaluate it effectiveness and will make any changes needed to enhance the benefits of the system.