Marketing Automation

Freeing up your resources and keeping every campaign on track…

The days of the generic mailshot are over. More than ever, your customers expect you to get personal: to be on hand to answer their questions and deliver the information they need at exactly the right time.

Goldstar’s marketing automation consultants help you create, execute and manage the campaigns that delight your customers and boost your bottom line. With automated workflows, campaign tracking and more, it’s Goldstar’s mission to help you drive conversions, increase revenue and enable your team to do more with less.

As Zoho Advanced Partners, we know the difference world-leading marketing automation software can make: stronger, more profitable customer relationships and, of course, happier staff! It’s our job to help you put this to work.

Why do we need marketing automation?

If you thought that there was little more to marketing automation software than pre-scheduled emails, it may be time to look again. Working across sectors as diverse as retail, finance and construction, here are some of the main business benefits of automated solutions for marketing:

Enable personalised marketing campaigns. Use behavioural triggered actions to send messages to customers automatically, delivering super-relevant, contextualised information to drive conversions.

Scale up your marketing activities. Create, launch and track multiple campaigns. Set ownership of tasks, assign budgets and measure the success of your activities, all from a single platform.

Empower your people. Free your teams from repetitive campaign tasks. Boost ROI on your staff spend by enabling employees to devote more time to high impact strategy.

Increase customer lifetime value. Automatically trigger re-engagement campaigns, automate requests for reviews and use personalised product/service recommendations for cross-selling and upselling purposes.

Keep marketing and sales on the same page. Automatically refer qualified leads from marketing to sales. Your sales teams are automatically supplied with all relevant information concerning leads, enabling a smoother transition and quicker deal closure.

Build a better customer experience. Use machine learning to fine-tune your product recommendations over time. Launch A/B testing campaigns with a couple of clicks. Build a culture of experimentation and test your way to success.

Goldstar: Delivering marketing automation that works for you…

Whether your existing marketing tech is due a refresh or you are looking at this for the first time, we’re here to help. Here’s what Goldstar does…

Zoho Approved Partners. Our expertise covers the full package of technology from this world-leading software provider, including CRM, analytics and customer service.

The type of advice you can trust. We work with you to identify the precise marketing automation tools that are going to make a difference to your business.

Build the right foundations. We specialise in carrying out data hygiene checks, advising on smooth integration with existing systems and ensuring hassle-free migration.

Customised for you. We relish the opportunity to get to know your business, your processes and, above all, your people. We do not leave you with a bundle of software that may or may not be a match for your requirements. We do, however, configure, customise and brand your marketing automation software so it is a tailored fit for your needs.