Finance Automation Software

Every minute spent sifting through the numbers, filling in the forms, checking and rechecking, means less time available for what really matters: focusing on the decisions to drive your business closer to its goals.

At Goldstar, we’re dedicated to giving you your time back. Equipping you with best-in-class accounting software from Zoho, we help you automate key processes, simplify your workflows and get a better view of your organisation. We can’t promise to make finance fun – but with less manual input and duplication, our work makes finance teams a lot happier.

Why do we need finance automation software?

Upscaling your business can come at a cost. As a business grows, so too does the volume of transactions. Quotes, formal estimates, invoices, receipts for expenses and inventory levels all become harder to track. Cumbersome, ad-hoc accounts processes can lead to transaction delays and cashflow issues.

Addressing resource limitations. Data input, reconciliation, consolidation and reporting can all eat into your time. Targeted finance automation offers a much more efficient way to handle these tasks, while also reducing the scope for human error.

A better view of your business. With standalone spreadsheets, trends, challenges and opportunities can be difficult to spot. Through an automated, connected system, you can get a much better picture of your financials.

Goldstar: Giving you a better grasp of the numbers

Zoho Books enables you to manage all business finance from a single place, automating key workflows and connecting your entire business. For your business, this means the following:

End-to-end accounting. From creating estimates, submitting payment reminders – right through to the generation of tax reports, Zoho Books handles all key accounting tasks from a single platform.

Collaboration and access control. Add scattered employees and external accountants to the system with ease. Take a collaborative approach to logging transactions, viewing and creating reports and accounts management.

Turn raw figures into insights. Get access to 50+ business reports – and create your own for customised insights. Generate reports on demand, schedule and share with colleagues. Instead of waiting for the end-of-month, get an accurate view of the state of your business as any time, from P&L and cashflow through to client/product-level finances and departmental performance.

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As Zoho Approved Partners, Goldstar has everything you need for best use of your resources and smarter decision making – all in one place. Ready to empower your finance team? Speak to Goldstar today.