Service M8 the Job management software for trades

ServiceM8 is a cloud based solution that helps field service organisations manage their business. ServiceM8 is the job management system for trades in the electrical, plumbing, building industries and more.

You can do many things with ServiceM8 as it's such a great all round job management software
Job management calendar


  • No more headaches from trying to remember all your jobs you have on
  • You can easily schedule jobs
  • Manage all jobs while mobile



Job management mobile




  • Service M8 is available on all apple devices
  • Staff can receive all their work through the app
  • Capture customers signatures
  • Complete forms
  • Store and capture photos



Quotes and invoices for job management

Online Quotes and invoices

  • Sent quotes and invoices from your mobile
  • Take payments on site through your app
  • Allow customers to pay online



  • Allow customers to book their own work in online
  • Communication can be sent to the customer through the app
  • View customer information and job history from your mobile



job management maps


  • Job costing and profit – View job probability on each job
  • Current invoices – View the status of all invoices and quotes
  • You can see jobs by category and win lose rates



  • Track staff time while working
  • All staffs leave
  • Schedules their work


Intergrate with many apps like Xero and Quickbooks, contact us for more information. 


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