Service m8

Wednesday 9th May 2018


Add a check list to a job!


Never miss a job with the new check list feature from Service M8


This feature allows you to monitor each stage of the job progress and standardise how each stage of each job is carried out. This can then be used to inform a company standard for your team. The images below show you how quick and easy this feature is to use.


Adding a job to your Service M8 checklist


In the description, if you list the job as each stage that needs to be completed when doing the job and before each item add (-) then the items will appear as a check list in the app.


If there is a photo required, simply add the word ‘photo’ in the check list item.  Then when you click on the item from the app it will automatically take you to the camera.



What are Badges?


Badges help with passing on critical information from the office to the person assigned to the job.


Badges have always been a feature within Service M8 but making them more visible means engineers will not miss out on any critical information.


As a business you can choose badges that best relate to what you do. They can even be renamed so that they have a specific meaning to you and your staff. There are badges that relate to the job, marketing and the job source.


You can choose from a number of badges, selecting those that best suit your business. This can be done by dragging and dropping them in the settings area. (settings>badges)

When a job is added to the system you can click on the badges on the right-hand side which relate to each specific job so they are highlighted in colour.

When the job is viewed in the app these badges will be showing, making the engineer aware of the additional requirements.