Data services for education

If your education establishment is committed to making the best possible use of its data, Goldstar is here to help – every step of the way.

Admissions, student and alumni relations, resource planning, bursar admin and HR management: with the right technology at hand, these are just some of the areas that can be transformed.

As Zoho Approved Partners, we have world-leading tech at our fingertips. – Bbut more importantly, we relish the opportunity to ensure you can deploy it in a way that works best for your school, university or college.

For improved productivity, an enhanced student experience and a happy team, take a closer look at how Goldstar makes a difference.

CRM for education

Zoho CRM makes it much easier to manage your relationships with students, prospective applicants and all other stakeholders. Track every interaction from a single platform, such as enrollment applications and social media communications. Automate routine communications and follow-ups. Segment your data and deploy personalised, multi-channel promotional and information campaigns. Use your CRM to track and maintain attendance and attainment records and issue alerts. Do all of this within a robust, GDPR-compliant framework.

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Data analytics for education

From student satisfaction surveys through to registration records, Zoho Analytics lets you collate structured and unstructured data from across your establishment. Blend these together and create cross functional reports for a joined-up view of the entire institution.

With an easy to use drag-and-drop designer, you can create custom reports and dashboards and use the visualisation tools to create compelling graphics that can be understood at-a-glance by governing bodies. Drill down to track and measure the performance of individual members of staff, faculties/departments and the organisation as a whole.

Operational management software for education

Consisting of 40+ apps and used by thousands of organisations, Zoho One comprises an entire integrated suite of software, designed to help you streamline operations, automate routine processes and do more with less.

On top of CRM and Analytics, key elements of Zoho One include Zoho Desk, a multi-channel help desk solution that can significantly enhance your ability to manage communications with students and parents.

Zoho People provides a central hub for all HR processes, including onboarding and performance management.

Books is Zoho’s intuitive accounts tool, enabling you to automate transaction-related admin and reconciliations while giving you the full picture on cash flow.

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