How ServiceM8 Helped: Stephen the Carpentry and Joinery Specialist.


How ServiceM8 has helped: Stephen the carpentry and joinery specialist

This is the second addition to our ‘How ServiceM8 helped…’ blog series. This blog will be focusing on how ServiceM8 has helped Stephen the carpentry and joinery specialist stay on top of his reporting and invoicing.

Stephen is a project manager for a carpentry and joinery specialist company. Stephen’s role is very fast paced and demanding, so he needs to be able to access important files and create reports for clients once projects are completed as quickly as possible.



Stephen’s Dilemma

Stephen has 15 years of experience of working within this sector, 5 of which he has been a project manager. Even with his experience, Stephen has begun to find that with the companies continued growth, more and more jobs are being added to his workload. He has never struggled with time management before, but this workload would be challenging for even the most hardened of project managers.

Stephen was working as efficiently as he could with the software he had available, but still couldn’t find the time to create professional looking reports that included all of the information needed for their clients once a project was completed.

The Solution: ServiceM8

Stephen raised the issue with his employer and they quickly found their solution; Service M8. Service M8 is a job management application for trades and services businesses that helps you take control of your workload.

Stephen used ServiceM8 that works with Xero to manage his jobs, staff, and customer relationships. He also uses ServiceM8 to generate and dispatch fast quotes to clients from both his desktop computer when in the office and his phone when on-site.

Could ServiceM8 help you?

Have you ever found yourself in Stephen’s position? Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more about how ServiceM8 can help you with invoicing, reporting and more!