How ServiceM8 helped John the Plumbing and Heating Technician

Thursday 7th June 2018

Service M8

Service M8 is a job management tool that helps businesses in the trades sector manage their workload more effectively. You don’t need to be a techy business in order to use this software. To help us illustrate this, we have created a blog series of ‘How ServiceM8 has helped…” based on some of the most commonly asked questions and misconceptions of job management software that we see.

The first in this series is based on how ServiceM8 helped the fictitious character of ‘John the plumber’ with his invoicing.

John’s dilemma

In this scenario, John owns a plumbing and heating business with 5 employees, his business is growing at a rate that he never quite expected. This all sounds great, right? Well it would be if John wasn’t staying up late into the night sifting through emails that weren’t filed at the time in order to find an invoice.

This was how he had done things ever since he was a freelancer and it hadn’t been this much of an issue when he had 20-30 jobs a month coming in.

John’s business quickly grew, and the jobs started to come in thick and fast. As many of us do, John addressed one developmental issue at a time and staffing was first on the agenda.

John only recently got everyone up to speed with their training, so he’s only just had time to catch up with the process of ongoing job management.

John has quickly discovered that he needs a way of keeping track of his invoices and the progress of the jobs that his staff are carrying out. This is where Service M8 comes in…

How Service M8 helped John

Since using ServiceM8, John has been able to spend his evenings with his family and friends instead of chasing invoices and checking job statuses.

ServiceM8 is an application that allows business owners to:

  • Access their client and job details,
  • View their staff locations and check their schedules
  • Dispatch jobs
  • Quickly generate quotes and invoices

All of which can be done from the convenience of a mobile device. Since using ServiceM8, John found that he was building stronger relationships with his customers and became confident on the drive home at the end of each day that all of the invoices were dispatched and some even paid on-site through the e-Payment option that ServiceM8 has.

Could ServiceM8 help your business?

Are you finding that that there just isn’t enough time in the day to individually check with every employee on the status of each job? Or perhaps you are getting sick of working late into the night just so that you can catching up with invoicing?

If you’re feeling that there isn’t enough time in the day, perhaps you could benefit from Service M8! Get in touch with a member of our team today for more information on how Service M8 can help take the stress away from your workload.