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  • Zoho Campaigns

    I have been using Zoho Campaigns for a few months now and getting to grips with how it works. I’ve been discovering what I like about it and what I don’t and thought I’d give a little review about my experience with the email marketing platform so far. What is Zoho Campaigns? Campaigns is an...
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  • 5 things we did during lockdown as Goldstar

    Hi there, I’m Paul Goldsmith the Director of Goldstar and this week is my turn for the blog. My thoughts have recently turned to how much we’ve developed internally over the last few months and how proud I am of the team. There were 5 things we did during lockdown as Goldstar that has enabled...
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  • Top Tips of Zoho Social

    Here are my top tips of Zoho Social. Having worked at Goldstar IT for 4 months now, I use Zoho Social everyday to manage Goldstar’s social media and having a tool that saves me time and simplifies the job is great! It has very quickly become one of the most important tools that I use...
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