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  • A Post Brexit Zoho

    With Britain leaving the EU on the 31st of December 2020 there are a lot of questions that either remain unanswered or which people are seeking clarification for. In this post I look to answer two of the most important ones. What happens to GDPR and how to handle VAT for customers outside of the...
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  • The rules of data – Calculated Data

    In my last post, I talk about the importance of not duplicating your data and having a single source of truth. This time I want to focus more on calculated data and the source of truth part and one crucial way we can ensure our data is the truth. What Is Calculated Data? I was...
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  • The rules of data – Don’t duplicate!

    Intro  An essential part of any system is the data. It doesn’t matter what app you use, processes you follow, or automations you build, if your data is bad the system won’t work. So the first thing we need to address then is what is ‘Bad Data’? At its most straightforward bad data is anything...
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  • The President, The biscuit and Zoho Oneauth

    On March 30th 1981 outside the Washington Hilton Hotel, American President Ronald Reagan was shot when returning to his limousine. He survived but it was close. And in the commotion that followed, ‘The biscuit’ went missing. This is the nickname given to a small plastic card that is sealed shut inside a case that contains...
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