Should You Migrate Your Data, or Start with a Clean Slate?

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  • When’s the right time to transform your business?

    You have a profitable business, leads are coming in regularly, sales are steady and everything is looking good. There’s just one issue: you want to get to the next level, but you’re faced with bottlenecks in operations, sales, marketing or other departments. Perhaps even company-wide. It’s frustrating as you know that with the right solution,...
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  • Removing Fields from CRM

    Removing Fields from CRM Zoho is making a significant change to the way that Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics talk to each other. This change means that in the future, we will all need to be more careful when removing fields from the CRM. To explain the change Zoho is making, and how it will...
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  • What is BI and why is it so important?

    So what is BI and why is it so important? In the current economic climate it’s critical to understand your numbers which is why Bi is so important. Now this is not JUST your finances but should be across the board throughout your business in marketing, sales, operations (doing the actual work or shipping the...
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